City Group Sundays

City Group Sundays are a chance to spend a little longer in each others’ company on a Sunday afternoon. They are a time where people can show hospitality by opening their homes and providing a meal for others in the group, and normally happen on the third Sunday of the month. Of course, there’s no requirement on you to host if you go to a group, but it’s there to help you build friendships.

The Den

The Den, is an informal time together to relax, have fun, and to enjoy some Krispy Kremes and frappuccinos, on Sunday evenings. It is a chance for young teens to share their faith, meet others their own age and to ask any questions they may have about Christianity or the different issues they may be facing.

Connect Meals

Connect Meals runs on the first Sunday of the month. These meals give everyone the chance to host people, meet new people and build community in a growing congregation. There are a couple of coordinators who arrange some hosts for any given weekend, and then it’s just up to you, if you feel like going to someone’s for a meal and to get to know them better, to sign up.

Old Farm Court

The Old Farm Court is a sheltered housing accommodation unit, in Colinton, for those aged 60+. On the second Sunday of each month an hour-long worship service, led by someone from St Columba’s, is held for its residents. The residents at Old Farm Court love to have visitors and so we try to encourage two or three from our congregation each month to enjoy fellowship with them. Currently we have about 25-30 people who come along which is great and it is an excellent opportunity to present the Gospel to those who have not heard it before.

Kids’ Church

There is a growing group of children in the church. We love them and want to care for them, teach them and help them enjoy their time as part of the church family as much as possible. Kids’ church happens during the morning sermon and all ages are catered for. Each class utilises age-appropriate resources to illustrate and apply Bible teaching. Our teachers and helpers are all PVG checked, trained and are enthusiastic participants who work together in teams to look after the kids.


Identity is our group for late teens and early 20s. We meet on a Sunday after the evening worship service, usually at the manse. Identity aims to cement your understanding of the gospel and it’s relevance to where you are at in life, as well as being a great place to forge and deepen friendships.

Meetings usually take the form of a follow-up discussion & study based on the evening service, or a topical presentation on an aspect of life hopefully relevant to you.

Discipleship & Mentoring

At St Columba’s we want to support people to grow in their faith and deepen their personal relationship with Jesus at every stage of their lives. One way of doing this is through the discipleship programmes we offer. These programmes are based in small groups to promote accountability and develop relationships within the church as well as encouraging spiritual growth. In addition to these programmes one-to-one discipleship is also available for those who would benefit from a more individualised approach.

Social Action

In St Columba’s we don’t run our own programmes but link up with existing charities to help bring relief and comfort to those who are disadvantaged and in need. Currently we help with Bethany Christian Trust, The Care Van, Safe Families for Children and the SE Edinburgh Foodbank. If you would like to know more or get involved helping, please get in touch!