Sign up for services in October

In October we will continue to limit service attendance to a maximum of 50 people in line with government guidelines. If you wish to attend a service in October, it's important that you fill in the form at stcsfc/october to let us know your availability.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2020-09-18

What would you say to the Christian struggling with assurance?

As we aren't able to answer all the questions we receive for our Question Time service due to time restrictions, we will seek to answer any submitted questions that are outstanding on here. In this Q&A, we consider the question "What would you say to a Christian struggling with assurance?"

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2020-09-16

Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun

Ecclesiastes is a very modern-feeling book. It grapples plainly with questions that we grapple with, too. What is the purpose of this short life? Why not just chase after pleasure while we can?

This October, join us at St Columba’s for a new six-week sermon series in the evenings: Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun. We’ll explore these questions honestly together, and see where the Lord takes us.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2020-09-05

Who are you Jesus? - Follow on discussions

If you have been watching the Who are you Jesus? series, why not sign up to join Derek and others for four Sunday evenings in September and October to look at four people Jesus met and what it means to respond (or not) to the claims of Jesus.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2020-09-02

Humans of St Columba's

During the months that we can’t meet in person at St Columba’s we want to continue to encourage one other in the gospel and live alongside each other as a church family as much as we can. These ‘Humans of St Columba’s’ videos are one of the ways we hope to do this as we hear from individuals in the congregation about how God has and is working in their lives, and we’re starting off with a series of videos on the topic, ‘Where do you find your hope?’

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2020-08-31