Bible Reading Plan 2018

At St Columba’s we believe that prayerfully reading the Scriptures is critical to the Christian life, to growth, and our own spiritual formation. And because the whole Bible is God’s word, we must read it all! This year, we are going to engage as a community in a 52-week Bible reading plan. Of course, this is totally voluntary. But, we encourage everyone to join in and especially if you don’t already have a normal Bible reading schedule or have never read through the whole Bible.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on January 13, 2018

Services during the Christmas and New Year period

With Christmas and the New Year almost upon us, we wanted to remind you of the church services planned over the holidays. Here’s the rundown of what's in store:

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Published by Siobhan Smith on December 23, 2017

Carols by Candlelight 2017

Our Saviour born! Share our community, worship and hospitality as we celebrate THE life changing story.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on December 2, 2017

Who are you thinking of?

At first, I thought that running up Edinburgh's hilly roads was the toughest exercise I would face, until I encountered an even tougher challenge: thinking of myself less.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on November 6, 2017

Weekend Away 2018 - Booking Now Open!

Booking is now open for our 2018 Weekend Away (Friday 5th - Sunday 7th of January). To book visit stcsfc.org/wa2018.

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Published by Dean Montgomery on October 15, 2017

Living Reformation

In October, Protestants across the world celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Specifically, the 31st of October 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s call for a debate. He nailed the 95 theses, or theological statements, on the church doors in Wittenberg in order to publically discuss issues about the church’s understanding of sin, forgiveness, repentance, Scripture, and authority. It was this moment that is often thought to be the starting point of the historical movement called the Reformation, which led to the development of what we now call the five solas: Scripture alone, grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone, and the glory of God alone.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on September 27, 2017

Welcome to Student Life

Around this time of year at St Columba’s, we get all excited at the prospect of getting to know a whole new group of people who are moving into the city to begin their college or university studies. We know that your student years can be incredibly pivotal in your life. This is your time to carve out a new life and we hope it will be a happy one, but more than anything, we hope that it will be one which brings you closer to Christ.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on August 27, 2017