The opportunity to establish your own identity is part of what makes moving to a new city as a student or young worker so exciting. Identity is our group for students and young workers which aims to equip you with what you need to live out your identity as a child of God in Edinburgh (Romans 8:16) and to be a disciple maker wherever you are. We meet together every Sunday, alternating each week between lunchtime sessions and evening sessions, as outlined in the schedule (below). Each session involves eating together, the chance to build and develop friendships, and a talk which aims to answer a 'big question' or issue facing young Christians in today's world, with follow up discussion on the topic.

Identity Schedule 2018

This semester, we will be looking at the theme of Big Questions. The schedule for the semester is below and you can also find the latest information and a bit more about the team at These are all issues that we will have encountered in the world, or may struggle with personally, so why not come along to one of our services and join us for some food and relaxed discussion?

9th September
What is Identity? (Church Hall - Lunch)

16th September
What is Identity? (Progressive Meal - Lunch)

23rd September
My first week at uni (Manse - Lunch)

30th September
Why trust the Bible? (Manse - Supper)

07th October
Where is God in my anxiety? (Manse - Supper)

14th October
Testimonies (Glynnis' Flat - Lunch)

21st October
Real answers to tough questions (Manse - Supper)

28th October
Where is God in my depression? (Manse - Lunch)

04th November
Where is God leading me? (Manse - Supper)

11th November
How can I be sexually faithful in a sex crazed world? (Glynnis' Flat - Lunch)

18th November
Where is God when life doesn't go to plan? (Manse - Supper)

25th November
Grill Derek and Catriona (Manse - Lunch)