Kitchen Appeal

In case you missed it, last Sunday (18th November) was designated as an especially focussed Gift Day for our Kitchen Refurbishment Fund. As you may be aware, our kitchen has been needing an overhaul - a new cooker and dishwasher, new wall cladding and flooring (unfortunately some of the floor was damaged and rotten from the old dishwasher which was leaking). Needless to say, this ends up being quite costly.

The kitchen is important for many events, and as part of a public building, we need it to conform to all the Health and Safety Regulations. We would like to raise £10,000 from the congregation to help cover the cost of this work. We have kept costs down by doing much of the preparatory work ourselves, and we have already had some donations for which we are very grateful.

Any monies that we raise above our target will go towards the next phase of lighting for the Main Hall in the church. When we cover these practical costs in this way, it also frees up our financial resources for front line Gospel ministry support, which is awesome.

The opportunity to donate to our fund has not passed! If you would like to contribute to the fund via electronic payment, please visit and select ‘Kitchen Appeal 2018’ as the fund.