Brilliant Books: September 2019

As we start our focus on discipleship, we’re using our Books Spotlight on Sunday 29th September to highlight two of the best books on adult discipleship currently available. Our third book this time is something a bit different, but we hope you’ll like it. Read on for a taster...

A Meal With Jesus

A Meal with Jesus, Tim Chester

Hospitality can feel like a daunting word, but the whole point of ‘A Meal with Jesus’ is that it doesn’t need to be. It’s all about welcoming others and sharing what you have in Jesus’ name. Taking six meals from Luke’s account of Jesus’ life, Tim Chester explains the ways in which Jesus used gathering over food to reach out to those who needed Him most. It’s an excellent book, and its message is for everyone. If you already have it, is there someone you know who would benefit from its encouragement?

Our Price: £6.50 (35% off RRP)

True Friendship

True Friendship, Vaughan Roberts

This book is an ode to the importance of friendship. Friendships inside the church, as much as outside, require hard work, sensitivity, honesty and love. Sometimes this can be easy, but often it is not. Touching on a range of relevant issues, Vaughan Roberts emphasises the truth that only Christ can provide perfect friendship, and that only out of a secure and meaningful relationship with Him can we be a true friend to others.

Our Price: £2 (60% off RRP)

Big Bible Science

Big Bible Science, Erin Lee Green

Faith and science are not opposites, and this book is jam-packed full of Bible verses, scientific detail, and fun experiments to prove it. Whether you teach a Kids’ Church class, have an inquisitive small child or know school-age kids who are struggling to reconcile their science lessons with their Bible, this book is for you. You might learn as much as them

Our Price: £6 (25% off RRP)


All of these books will be available to buy in the services on Sunday 29th September. We have ordered several dozen books on a sale or return basis, so there will be plenty available for you to buy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend. Payment will be cash only.

If you’d like a book but won’t be around that day, email us at to make other arrangements. Alternatively, you can order the books directly in the Free Church Books online shop.

Don’t Miss: If you take notes during sermons, you may be interested in the ESV Scripture Journal for Joshua, the book we’ll be studying in our evening services this term. With the Biblical text printed alongside blank lined pages for your notes, this a great way to follow the story of the book as we go along. Available for only £3.69 per copy at