Brilliant Books: February 2020

The first 'Brilliant Books' spotlight of 2020 is not to be missed! This Sunday, 23rd February, we have two books for you that you really must read. They will make you think, and may even make you cry, but they will bring you closer to Jesus as they do.

Here's a taster...

Questioning Evangelism

Questioning Evangelism, Randy Newman (2018)

Jesus’s evangelistic style was remarkable. The one who knows all things didn’t bombard with answers; he asked questions. So why don’t we? In this updated edition of Randy Newman’s remarkable book, the author uses Jesus’ example to challenge us, as Christians and evangelists, to engage meaningfully with those we long to bring to Jesus. If it’s new to you, buy it. If you read it a while ago and aren’t sure where your copy is, buy it again.

Our price: £10

The Creaking on the Stairs

The Creaking on the Stairs, Mez McConnell (2019)

A heartbreakingly important book. Mez McConnell (founder of 20schemes and pastor of Niddrie Community Church) shares his own personal experience of horrific childhood abuse and the power of Christ to offer hope and peace, even in the midst of it. This book is devastating and disturbing, but it also offers a message we desperately need to hear and to offer to others.

Our Price: £5 (45% off RRP)

We don’t have a kids’ book for sale this time, but if you would like to recommend one for next time, please do let us know.

We will have twenty five copies of each available, and would love to sell them all! Payment will be cash only. If you’d like a book but won’t be around that day, email to make alternative arrangements.