Brilliant Books: April 2020

If the coronavirus hadn’t changed everything, our next Brilliant Books spotlight would have been next Sunday, 26th April. But just because we can’t give you great books in person, doesn’t mean we can’t recommend them to you and make it super easy for you to order them online for delivery directly to your own home.

The three books we’ve chosen have, perhaps predictably, a theme of fear and reassurance. We have no need to be afraid, even in the midst of turmoil, because Jesus is Lord. All of these books will help you to keep hold of that fact.

Here are all the details you need:

Living Without Worry

Living Without Worry, Tim Lane (2015)

This easygoing and warmhearted book is exactly what most of us need right now, as Tim Lane uses scripture and pastoral insight to encourage Christians to place our anxious burdens on Jesus and accept his peace instead.

Our Price: £6.63

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Sophie Heidelberg Cat

Sophie & the Heidelberg Cat, Andrew Wilson (2019)

The first question of the Heidelberg Catechism, ‘What is your only comfort in life and death?’, forms the unlikely heart of this whimsical rhyming book about a young girl learning the gospel of grace from a cat. Newly published last year, this is a book to lift the hearts of children and adults alike.

Our Price: £5 (use the discount code SOPHIE5 at checkout to get our special price)

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Where is God coronavirus?

Where is God in a Coronavirus World?, John Lennox (2020)

John Lennox is a remarkable author, and we would encourage you to read any book of his. This short and conversational book is his attempt to answer the title question, and it uses all the author’s experience and wisdom to provide the ultimate reassurance. Buy two - one for you, and one for your neighbour!

Our Price: £2.48

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If you would like to buy these books, but would like help in ordering them, please email Don’t miss out in silence - we are here to help!

One more thing...

By ordering these books online, you will not only be receiving encouragement and good gospel teaching, but you will also be providing much needed support to Free Church Books and their bookshop partners, 10ofthose. We are able to get such incredible prices for these books because of 10ofthose’s deep desire to see people reading the best books about Jesus, and this passion for the gospel means that they don’t have a lot of spare operating cash for a season like this. By buying these books for ourselves, and potentially others, we will be helping them to continue to do such important gospel work in the future.