Brilliant Books: July 2020

As a special summer treat, we have an extra Brilliant Books spotlight for you this Sunday (19th July). Once again, we can’t supply them directly, but you can order them online for delivery straight to your door. Two of these three books are part of the Free Church Books summer sale, full details of which can be found here. Featuring 13 titles with at least 25% off (and often more), the sale is well worth a look. Just remember to use the code ‘SUMMER20READS’ to guarantee these amazing prices.

We’ve chosen to highlight these three particular books because we think they are all useful, relevant, interesting and godly. We recommend all of them to all of you!

Here are all the details you need:

Dig Into Matthew

Dig Into Matthew, Chris Ranson (2020)

Thomas Davis took a special look at this book, and here’s what he has to say:

'Dig Into Matthew' is a 50 day guide to the gospel of Matthew. Each day, you read a passage of Matthew, along with a short 2 page explanation of the passage in the book. The great message of the book is that Jesus is King, and that through faith in him we can be part of his kingdom too.

The book is written in a very accessible style - the language is very clear and easy to follow. Each day, the book explains what you are reading in Matthew and it is very good at addressing sections that could be confusing or that raise questions.

Alongside the explanations of Matthew, the book is also full of brilliant illustrations. These are very effective - they help explain key concepts, they are used to show the connections that Matthew makes with the Old Testament, and they help unpack Jesus's message and mission.

At the end of each daily reading, there are some questions to think about. These are really helpful for applying the emphasis of the passage to daily life.

'Dig Into Matthew' is a really helpful guide, both for daily Bible reading in general and for the gospel of Matthew in particular. The language is very accessible, so the book is great for teenagers as well as adults. It is an excellent accompaniment to our current sermon series, 'Moving through Matthew'.

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Worthy, Elyse Fitzpatrick & Eric Schumacher (2020)

A new and fascinating exploration of the Bible’s teaching about women, this book brings together the Biblical narrative of salvation and Jesus’ own teaching to make a compelling and encouraging point. Robust yet winsome, this is a book for everyone, male and female, who cares about discipleship and the church.

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Jesus Storybook Colouring Bible?

Jesus Storybook Colouring Bible (2007)

The perfect resource to keep the kids going through summer church ‘at home’, this book takes the Jesus Storybook Bible stories many of our kids know and love, and turns them into 60 pages of colouring fun. Life may be topsy turvy, but you can count on this book to tell the truth of God’s love - and give the kids a chance to go wild with whatever colours they want. Plus, there’s nothing to stop adults buying it for themselves either - no one is watching!

Our Price: £5.99

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