The opportunity to establish your own identity is part of what makes moving to a new city as a student or young worker so exciting. Identity is our group for students and young workers which aims to equip you with what you need to live out your identity as a child of God in Edinburgh (Romans 8:16) and to be a disciple maker wherever you are. We meet together every Sunday, alternating each week between lunchtime sessions and evening sessions, as outlined in the schedule (below). Each session involves eating together, the chance to build and develop friendships, and a talk which aims to answer a 'big question' or issue facing young Christians in today's world, with follow up discussion on the topic.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2018-09-16

Welcome to the Davis Family

"On Wednesday night, the 29th of August, we were delighted to induct Thomas Davis as our new Assistant Minister and also welcome Una, Tom, John and Annie into the St Columba’s family. As well as joining our Senior Minister, Derek, and our Ministry Apprentice, Calum, Thomas will also be lecturing at Edinburgh Theological Seminary. To get to know Thomas a bit better, we’ve asked him a few questions."

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2018-09-01

7 Days Of Prayer

"​​From 22nd - 28th April 2018, we will be praying as a church family for the work of the gospel in our own churches as well as others. We will be holding prayer meetings at 7am on Monday - Friday. On Saturday morning we will also have brunch together at 09.30 before our time of prayer."

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2018-04-22

Easter Sunday Service

"​​Come join us this Sunday, 1st April, as we celebrate the hope of life in Jesus Christ, the God-man risen from the dead!"

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2018-03-28

Bible Reading Plan 2018

At St Columba’s we believe that prayerfully reading the Scriptures is critical to the Christian life, to growth, and our own spiritual formation. And because the whole Bible is God’s word, we must read it all! This year, we are going to engage as a community in a 52-week Bible reading plan. Of course, this is totally voluntary. But, we encourage everyone to join in and especially if you don’t already have a normal Bible reading schedule or have never read through the whole Bible.

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Published by Siobhan Smith on 2018-01-13