Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a strong city centre church that meets to worship God, equipping its people to live for Christ and share their faith. We aim to be a strong presence in Edinburgh, starting new churches in local communities through existing core groups. We believe in the radical transforming power of the Gospel. By following Christ in grace dependant communities throughout the city we can be a powerful witness to the Gospel, to the Glory of God.

We are a city-centre church committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in worship, mission, community and discipleship with a vision to plant churches in and around Edinburgh.

Our Pillars


This is the biblical revelation of the message of Jesus Christ who came to be our saviour. This Gospel underpins all our beliefs and is the motivation for all we do. Knowing this gospel personally, and making it known to colleagues, friends and neighbours is what we’re all about.


We are recipients of Grace, and so we want to live grace-filled lives. This means we serve as we have been served by Jesus. Though we don’t have too many events and programmes, there are plenty of ways you can serve, from all the elements that come together to make a Sunday service happen, to social care partnerships, to being family together and serving one another in love.


We want to give glory to God because of all he has done for us. We are called to do this personally, and our collective times of worship are the regular services on Sundays at 11 and 5.30. Also, a big part of our fellowship is our city groups - smaller local mid-week gatherings.


We want the church to grow by Christians getting to know God better, and more and more people coming to know God as their saviour. To do this, we have a range of ‘pathways’ because we know people are at different points in their own discovery of the person and significance of Jesus.