Monthly Offering - Give & Pray

Give & Pray Today, we are also launching a new goal of raising an extra £30,000 a year in our regular giving for each of the next 3 years. We are prayerfully aiming to raise this amount (on top of our existing income) to further equip the work of St Columba's as we continue to be a city-centre church committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will hopefully have heard a lot more about this at this morning's service (14th November). If you missed it keep an eye out for future communications. Today you can do one of three things:
  1. Create a new standing order - contact our Finance Manager (Kerry) for our bank details
  2. Increase your current standing order - you can do this via your bank
  3. Make a pledge to start giving regularly or to increase your current giving
If you want to make a pledge, just fill in this form: