Why Jesus?

Welcome to St Columba's, we want you to know more about Jesus, please watch the video above to find out more. Click here for a transcript.

Many people ask: "Why Jesus?"

Christians aren't freaks, or brain dead. We've spent our time and used our reason and intelligence to work through the claims of Jesus and realise we need redemption and rescue - and so does everyone. We follow the claims of Jesus Christ and are rescued by him.

We've looked into our own hearts and see our own needs, desires and longings, as well as finding we ask many questions about ourselves and our lives. All of these things point us towards a God whose image we're made in - but we know there's something not quite right...

By looking at the Bible, we see Jesus Christ and we've seen that Jesus, as God's son, came to the earth. He claimed to be God's son and that he came to rescue us. His own life was sinless - free from error. He was innocent before God and the courts of the world. But he was crucified on the cross, and on the third day, he rose again. It was always God's purpose that Christ would die in our place, and defeat the power of death. As a result, we can know forgiveness because he paid the price for our sins.

To find out more, buy a Bible from any good book shop and read the books within it, called Mark or John which will tell you about the life and claims of Jesus - kind of like his biography.

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