Brilliant Books: October 2021

We’re delighted that Brilliant Books is going to be back in person next Sunday! As well as our two adult titles, we’ve also got an excellent book for the very young ones as well. Here’s a taster of what we’ve got lined up...

Love Your Church, Tony Merida Our Price: £6.00 (25% off RRP)

This engaging book by Tony Merida explores God’s vision for the local church, looking at what the church is, why being part of it is exciting and why it is worthy of our love and commitment. This isn’t a book just for those in leadership roles but for all of us as ‘ordinary’ Christians: all of us are called to love and serve our church. By showing us the privilege of belonging to God’s family, Merida helps us to be church members who serve and love each other well.

5 Things to Pray for Your World, Rachel Jones Our Price: £3.00 (25% off RRP)

Praying for the world around us and people we don’t know can often feel overwhelming. In this short book, Rachel Jones addresses the inadequacy we feel, equipping us to pray powerful and meaningful prayers for the world around us - prayers that make a difference because they are based on God’s Word. It’s a helpful book to use as part of your daily prayers or to pick up whenever a situation arises that is in particular need of prayer.

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross Board Book, Carl Laferton Our Price: £3.00 (40% off RRP)

This wonderful but simple board book condenses the main message of the Bible in a way that very young children can understand. It takes them on the journey from the Garden of Eden all the way through to God’s new creation. The vivid pictures illustrate the story well, helping children to understand the overarching story of the Gospel from a young age. This book is ideal for children up to the age of four.

All of these books will be available to buy at the morning service on Sunday 10th October. We have ordered several dozen books on a sale or return basis, so there will be plenty available for you to buy